Pokemon Mega is the ridiculous amount of in-game event icons

By level 40 there are approximately two pages of 20 event icons at the top of the screen and 15 character customization icons at the bottom. Almost all of these events only take place during certain times of the day and other ones can only be accessed a specific number of times each day.

My biggest visual complaint about Pokemon Mega is the ridiculous amount of in-game event icons that always float on the top of the screen. Normally there’s no such thing as too much content, but the way it’s displayed is very convoluted and at times can be confusing.
InstantFuns has been known for some of the worst pay-to-win systems in gaming history. Generally their MMORPGs are simply who can spend the most money and they win at everything. Although Pokemon Mega does have some pay-to-win elements it isn’t nearly as offensive as similar games.

Instead of having them flashing on the top of the screen, it would have been much better to place them into different categories and create dropdown menus.

“We were doing what we thought was reasonable.”
I think early on, between ourselves and The Pokemon Mega game and Nintendo, there wasn’t a real consensus about how to communicate with players on forums like Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms. With our previous game InstantFuns we were very communicative with players, and very open. And we weren’t as communicative and open in the beginning [of Pokemon Mega] because that was sort of a new process for our partners.
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