With the release of the latest Gods Origin Online update

Gods Origin, But Arena is still Magic: The Gathering and carries with it a certain weight and maturity. There were no over-the-top animations, pop-culture references, or crazy random elements in the games we saw. If that sort of thing turns you off from Hearthstone, Arena might suit you better.
Cao reconfirmed that the game would be free-to-play and that you would be able to earn booster packs without paying but said that he wasn’t ready to talk about “all of the business details yet.” The game was built in Unity, so, while the beta is currently only being offered on PC, other platforms are very much under consideration. That beta will have constructed, ranked, and ladder play, with plans to add draft and sealed formats in the future.
Speaking of the beta, you can get into it by signing up on the Arena website. You can also read the announcement from Wizards of the Coast VP of Game Development Jeffrey Steefel here. During the stream, Cao repeatedly stated that he wants Arena to be an Gods Origin game: The Gathering experience. It seems clear that the dev team is willing to at least bend a little bit to ensure it’s also a good online experience, too.

There’s literally no other information about Dulgabeth available on the internet, though some are comparing him to the Mouth of Sauron. The Mouth had no official name in the books; in fact, Tolkien said that he had even forgotten his own name. So Dulgabeth probably isn’t that semi-notable character, but someone totally new and invented by SSG. And that’s your Tolkien lore session for the day!
Items will be sent back to the seller and all fees (deposits and bids) will be refunded. Mail will also be affected with any items in pending mail being bound to their recipient. Next, if you have any equipable combat gear in community vaults, you may want to grab it. Because it will be deleted.

With the release of the latest Gods Origin Online update at VivaGames.me, players level 60 and above now have access to the Legendary difficulty versions of Temple of Sands and the Elder’s Bastion. Both dungeons come with a complement of new equipment and items as rewards.