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Hublot masterpiece watch exclusive
www.watch4umen.com.Hublot spacecraft to tonneau. The fans of these brands have long been asking for a non-big bang or king's inspiration for the watch. Finally arrived here, this is only the first to come. This is the first Hublot masterpiece series (see MP-01), and will be a series of high-end Yu-ship watch, built-in action, will be located in the standard Hublot watch and ultra-high-end Confrevy Hublot watch between. Masterpiece MP-01 will be limited to 100 pieces.
When I look at this table, I almost do not think it is a Hublot table. So they are big bangs, it's hard to think of that, but finally it's up. I continue to say that because Mrs. Yu is most concerned about when they will start to get new models. According to Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot, the part of the wait is related to their commitment to more internal campaigns to improve production quality and process aspirations. As you know, Yu-long has been trying to make itself more real manufacturing. Although they will not do it themselves, but it looks like there will be more internal action in 2011 than in 2010.Richard Mille RM 031 High Performance Replica watch
The masterpiece MP-01 is very unique to the brand - although the fans of the high-end modern Swiss watch will see the impact of Hublot. I did not expect to see this watch, and my lens with me wrong! If possible, I will try some better photos, but for this watch, you will get a good understanding. I think it's better than you believe in the marketing image.
Hublot table to make this watch big. Oddly enough, I did not measure accurately, but this was at least 48mm wide, more than 55 meters high - if not more. This situation is made of satin and sandblasted titanium, with a black composite resin. There is a little red rubber on the crown, and the chronograph is. In general, this is simple. You can not deny that Hublot is aiming at Richard Mayr, where there is a complicated dial for price, shape and vision. You can see some Hublot design DNA shapes on both sides of the lug and the shell.good hublot mp 05 laferrari replica price
The dial is difficult to explain, but the height of the building and the depth of the appearance (a lot of love and perforated case). The secondary hand at the bottom of the dial is actually a rotating disc, almost looking like a tourbillon (but not). Then you have two chronographs, as if staring at your eyes. You really need to look at the dial to investigate all the details.
As I said, this movement is 100% new and internal. It is also very neat. There is no official reference number for the masterpiece of the action, but it is a manual wound that has a 240 hour power reserve (via the sapphire display window on the back of the power reserve indicator) and has a 30 minute single chronograph. The seconds and minute counters of the chronograph are in subtotal. Hublot is also proud of the fact that the movement itself is highly bent - it is not too simple to complete.
With the new design (interesting is the Hublot logo on the dial), the internal movement has 10 days of power storage, and is clearly a complex building, the masterpiece collection covers Hublot fans have been asking several questions from the brand. This also means that we will see more high-end Hublot timepieces, because the brand can shape the power of the manufacturer, rather than the same as other brands, easier to create.nice URWERK Replica watches