Hunter X Hunter Online Second Beta Preview: New Maps

The new content of Hunter X Hunter Online second beta is being unveiled little by little. The official introduced 3 new different types of scenes at first, but their names haven't been told. Let us take a glimpse of the scenes(maps) first.
1. We might call it City since it's much bigger than village. It's a place where gathers commerce, traffic, politics and economy. What's more, hunters can meet more experienced and powerful elites there. But not everyone is able to enter this map at the beginning. It requires hunters to upgrade themself first.
[Update] - More concept arts of the City has been unveiled[9.19]:

This is a hunter x online game Trial map for players. The monsters in the wild are captured by experienced hunters and transported to this place for young hunters' trial.

The last one, is the most dangerous without doubt - the hunting ground. You can't imagine how beautiful sceneries it has. However, hunters, don't lose yourself in it. Remember, there are also many fierce monsters.

The monsters in second beta will be unveiled soon by the official. Stay tuned!
Source: English Official Site,Unigame
Hunter X Hunter Online Announced New Content With In-game Scenes' Concept Arts Revealed
Last week, we shared latest unveiled related concept arts of Hunter X Hunter Online(English) first test which was ended in July with you guys, including monsters, suits, and maps like Village Milad, Wind Valley, Hermit Forest. Currently, the dev team is adjusting in-game gameplay according to players' suggestions to first test while working on the new content of Hunter X Hunter game. Now it seems that we get a little closer to Hunter X Hunter Online's next test since Unigame released the concept arts of new in-game scenes for the first time today. It might herald the coming of the new content that players have been waiting for a long time.