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Below is a list of all games included in this PSN sale props to folks on NeoGAF for rounding them up. One Piece: Legends of Pirates there's a Change. We got to see how the Fetid Pools were coming along and found they'd turned into a sunny green veldt called the Verdant Pools.

More importantly for an MMO, the connection is temperamental. The Switch's portable form factor also makes it a little bit easier to physically share downloaded games with people in the same household—you can just hand them the system or insert it into a second dock hooked to another TV if you have $80 to spare, that is. I'm not putting all my money on one company, I'm spreading it between a few. Mostly because all my points had been reset and everything was killing me. The PlayStation Store is running three sales concurrently, none of them really thematically attached to one another. So if you've spent the last few years lamenting that one piece of seasonal gear you missed out on, next month you can finally get your hands on it. You'd think this would be a challenge seeing as how all characters look different based on their classes, armor, and what the players themselves have done with them. But to cut it in Nioh's harsh world, you need to have a one up to overcome the game's brutal edge. Sometimes surprises are OK, like when you direct the Beast to say something cool and she almost inevitably doesn't: I think it's okay if it's a surprise in a funny way, says Love.

The biggest console-related question mark could be the controls. Without clicks our columns, our sites, our forums, One Piece: Legends of Pirates, our micro universes cease to exist! In Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag, players will join Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, and other fan favorite characters from the original manga and hit anime series from Japan.